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This bed is used in school and dominate for student and worker.
Good quality and cheap price.

Size: 1900x900x2000mm(WXDxH)
The main frame: 30x50mm steel tube, 1.2mm thick
Bed ...
Size: 1200*400*760mm(WxDxH)
Main Material: 25mm particle board laminated melamine color paper, and the edge is PP.
Chair: Polypropylene
30x50mm steel tube for the desk
20x40mm ...
This beach chair is with beatiful style on which back have a bag can loading water, magazine and something you need. Also it is easy to carrying. When folded like a sholderbag, ...
Size: 1900x900x2000mm(WXDxH)
Main pole: 40x40 rectangular steel tube, 1.2mm thick,
Bed frame: 20x40mm rectangular steel tube, 1.2mm thick,
Ladder frame: 18mm round steel tube, ...
Size: 1900x900x2000mm(WXDxH)
Mail pole: 38mm dia. Round steel tube, 1.2mm thick
Bed frame: 40x40mm angle iron, 1.3mm thick
Ladder pole: 18mm round steel tube, 1.2mm thick ...
This director chair is classic style and popular many year. Because of aluminium material, easy to carry and comfortable which is loved by client.

Welcome choose.

Size: ...
Size: 1800 * 850 * 390mm
0.6mm Thickness of cold-rolled steel plate;
4mm tempered glass
This is traditional chair, simple style and competitive price.
Comfortable and easy. Welcome choosing!

Size: 56X40X70CM
Tube: Diameter; 19MM aluminium
Cover: 450G textile
This is kind of ecomomic traditional chair, which is with cheap price and comfortable seat. And is sold very well in all country.

Your best choice. Welcome.

Size: ...
This products is with simple and comfortable style which is very popular in the market.
The detailed information as follows:

Size: 71.5X48X31/62cm
Tube: Diameter, 22X1.0Steel ...
This chair is come from director chair style and add a wood board for magazine, files and cup. Easy to carry and added your enjoy and convenience.

Welcome chose!

Size: ...
This chair is with simple style, can be with pearl cotton in it or not.
Comfortable and ecolomic. Welcome choose.

Size: 115*62*51/90cm
Tube: Diameter; 25x1.0MM Steel
Cover: ...
This is kind of classic chair for beach. With aluminium frame is very light and easy to carry. Your best choice and enjoy on beach.

Welcome choosing.

Size: 60*46*51cm
Tube: ...
This is the top old camping chair stype. Very low price and comfortal feeling make it win many clients love until now. This also with magazine and cup small table.

Anybody can ...
Size: 45*42*16/55cm
Tube: ∮ 19MM Steel
Cover: 600D poly with PVC coating
This is one kind of tradtional beach chair, with textile fabric, cool and comfortable. Have 5 position adjustion backrest.

Untill still have good choice on beach.

This is classic camping chair, with armrest and cupholder.
This type is luxury style. With pearl cotton in it so feel more comfortable.

Welcome choose!

Size: 60X60X45/98CM ...
All materials are used aluminium. Which is light so easy for carry.

Size: 70X70X70CM
Tube: ∮ 19MM, SLAT5.5X1.1CM
Packing: Each PC in a 210D carry bag
This is classic folding beach chair, in the Eruope and America market have good winner. Comfortable and easy to carry.

Relax enjoy your time on time. Welcome choose!
This is kind of classic double camping chair. In middle chair have one table with cup holder.

Your ecolomic chosen for enjoy beach.

Size: 155*52*41/90cm
Tube: Diameter, 16MM ...
Size: Desk panel: 600(L)*400(W)mm
Seat panel: 380(L)*370(W)mm
Main Material: Particle wood and plywood, steel

You can choose your needed and liked material and style. We can ...
This kind of table and chair is sold very well in whole market. Reasonable design, all kind of beatiful color for choosing, easy to assebmble, good quality all this are advantigies ...
Table size: 600(L)*400(W)mm,
Seat panel: 380(L)*370(W)mm

Main Material:
Desk top is 16mm MDF laminated melamine, PVC edged
Seat and backrest board is 10mm plywood ...
Single student desk and chair
Size: 700*500*760mm(W*D*H)

Main Material: 18mm plywood laminated fire-proof board
Chair: Polypropylene

Steel frame:
28mm diameter steel tube ...
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